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I got 99 problems and most of them are celebrity crushes that I’ll never meet

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Jennifer Lawrence ladies & gentlemen

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God, the way Jen’s looking at Josh always so sexual, like she’s imagining him naked all of the time.

Especially in the third and last pic

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Lol look at their reaction when journalist asked them what they don’t know about each other and then Jen says they know a lot about each other and then she remembers what she told Josh last night.


Just look at Josh’s mouth, he’s mirroring Jen’s, both of them wetting their lips without showing their tongue while remembering what they did the night before and Jen’s fiddling on her chair, seems extremely unsettled, which meant that in her memory what happened last night is physically arousing to say the least, her body is actually experiencing memory reflex through her brain. ;)

Oh boy, this is too much head canon, wohoo…

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What is the most annoying question people ask you?

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tumblr makes me forget that age differences and time zones exist 

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There will be people on here who will be meeting Josh in two weeks. I am not one of them. Excuse me while I cry.

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how does lionsgate think its okay to have over a minute of peeta and johanna spinning around like rotisserie chicken, and then only give us an under 2 minute trailer featuring 0.02 seconds of katniss

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Gather round folks. I bought the Galaxy Tab S to get the extra content and the very first thing I did was read the screenplay to THG.

Here is a list of things I learned were either supposed to be in the movie and were cut or just generally stood out to me as…

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LOL he has two pair of sunglasses :p

LOL he has two pair of sunglasses :p

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